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Chalk & Charcoal Mixed Media Art Examples. What do you think Myrtle Beach High School/Academy of Arts, Sciences, and Technology?

All Artwork by Elken D Grate

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All Supporters Who Continue to Provide Prayer for Elken Grate and All Aspects of GrateCreations. There is So Much More to Accomplish and Your Valued Support Helps.

Thank You!

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" I enjoy the creation process because while I'm creating, I am discovering more about the action of creating, this helps guide the creation. "


- Elken D Grate - October 2014 - ..www.GrateCreations.com -

"Better Education: Positive Action" | Kensington Elementary | 2013 | Creative Artist Elken D Grate |  <a href="http://www.GrateCreations.com">http://www.GrateCreations.com</a>|

October Events @ Optimism Preventative Services

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Joyful Staments 
(Various Thoughts)

I pray that 2014 brings me grate joy, extended peace and happiness that I can share with others. I have a truckload in store for the days to come. Pray for me as I make history...Again!

- Insightful Thoughts & Samples of Artwork -

Within every moment, there is an opportunity to progress. How you progress, how you gain and how you grow, begins with a decision.

- Give Your life to Christ Initiative -

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