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What Drives You to Achieve? | A discussion video for TASC kids

Helping Dreams Come True!

Thank You Kathy (CBM Science Teacher) for Sharing!

Carvers Bay Middle School (Hemingway, SC) shows interest in STEM and Robotics! Kindly Thanks:
Kissayda for Wonderul Cooperation, Professionalism and Insight on Sony Advancements and Top Notch Products! 

Click here to Enter Robotics Coverage in Myrtle Beach SC. Proudly supports Team 1225!

Thank you for your courtesy, conversation and wonderful insight at the Myrtle Beach Robotics Competition in February. My research on STEM brought me to Myrtle Beach in search of the process, the level of play, including the engagement of participants during the event. I graciously recieved access to the pit stop areas and discovered so much interesting and valuable approaches to competing in such a renowned event. Thanks to all who blessed me with their time and I really enjoyed learning about the ins and outs of the robotics competition.

Again thank you for your time.

Mr. Grate | TASC Program Coordinator | South Carolina 2015

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Joyful Staments 
(Various Thoughts)

I pray that 2014 brings me grate joy, extended peace and happiness that I can share with others. I have a truckload in store for the days to come. Pray for me as I make history...Again!

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Within every moment, there is an opportunity to progress. How you progress, how you gain and how you grow, begins with a decision.

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